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Meet the Author
Dee Bowden
Dee Bowden is an Author and Revenue Recovery Consultant. She serves companies that have old and owed monies due for services/products provided but not yet paid. Dee believes in the statement, "How Secure is Your Cash Flow! The Sale is Not Complete Until the Money is in the Bank." In 2016 Dee was recognized by the United States Coast Guard Headquarters for recovering $7.5 Million dollars in one year. 

Dee is a graduate of Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success School of Business Acceleration and has been a guest on several Podcasts sharing her message, "How Secure is Your Cash Flow." Dee has been a digital facilitator with the Success Women’s Conference with Robin Roberts and Lisa Nichols and Jewel Tankard's Millionairess Conference, She is the founder of BCS Solutions.
Author, Revenue Recovery Consultant